English Conversation Table

Our English Conversation Table meets weekly at the Blue Moose Cafe in downtown Morgantown. The conversation table offers a safe, relaxed space for ESL learners to practice conversational English and learn about United States pop culture, history, and culture. Topics range from current events to English slang and idioms. The table is facilitated by Sarah Quattrochi, a long-time volunteer currently studying at WVU, who was the United Way of Monongalia and Preston Counties' Volunteer of the Month in December 2013. Though Sarah coordinates the table, the topic of conversation is driven by the participants themselves, allowing them to practice English while exploring topics and areas of interested that are relevant to their learning and experience. The conversation table thrives on the learners' abilities to share their personal experiences and stories with others.

Participants will also go on cultural trips to see movies or to visit important West Virginia landmarks. Outings like these foster a sense of connection and community with our learners, and trips to movie theaters or local cultural events provide valuable context for their learning. Once a year, participants are able to take a trip to Charleston, West Virginia, to learn about the state government and their rights and responsibilities as U.S. residents.

The conversation table is open to anyone hoping to improve their English. Though some of our conversation table participants also work with 1-on-1 tutors, many participants simply enjoy a casual environment to improve their English skills. For this week’s meeting time, visit the table's Facebook page.