Vision & History

Our organization has been a grassroots effort from the start. Our curriculum is designed to be portable and flexible to serve our learners. Learners and tutors can schedule their own meeting times and work together in whatever location is most convenient for them. The Each 1, Teach 1 method has been used across West Virginia and the United States to provide literacy tutoring to individuals who do not have the time or resources for traditional continuing education. Our goal is to make learning personalized, easy, and applicable for each learner.

In December of 1983, Monongalia County Literacy Volunteers was founded. It began as an informal effort, where tutors and learners would meet in kitchens and living rooms and share resources as they could. The creation of a formal organization provided tutors and learners with more training, learning materials, and a greater sense of community. The organization worked closely with Preston County Literacy Volunteers, but it was only in 2012 that the two organizations were formally merged. The merge expanded the reach and impact of both groups, providing tutors and learners across the two counties with more resources.

We are now affiliates of ProLiteracy and LiteracyWV. This allows us to network with literacy organizations throughout the state and nationally to share resources. In recent years, many organizations in West Virginia especially have been forced to shut down due to lack of funding. Thanks to community support and the hard work of our volunteers, LVMPC has continued to grow and is now the second largest affiliate in the state. We are able to provide resources and tutor training for other, smaller affiliates in surrounding counties.

In some parts of West Virginia, especially in more rural communities, roughly 1 in 3 adults struggles with low literacy. In Monongalia County and Preston County, though the literacy rate is slightly higher, over 15,000 residents still do not read above a 4th grade level. Our vision is to provide adults with free, confidential instructions that is relevant to their goals and interests. Many adults have gone through the education system and graduated without proper reading skills—20% of high school graduates cannot read their diplomas. Working with a tutor, however, gives them a dynamic and customized learning experience. Rather than struggling through dry or outdated textbook passages, learners and tutors work through material that is relevant to their life experience.

A mother’s reading level is the determining factor of a child’s education. Children who have not developed basic literacy skills before entering school are 4 times more likely to drop out. By helping adults gain literacy skills, it ensures that future generations will be prepared to succeed in school by their parents. At LVMPC, we believe that learning is a life-long process, and anyone who can learn can also teach and pass along the gift of literacy.